What a wonderful time our family has made with Nazir in making important jewelry decisions regarding repair and upgrading our family pieces and our son’s engagement and wedding. He was so helpful and knowledgeable about it all. But of course the most important part was the final products, which were even more lovely than we could have imagined. Thank you Nazir, for all of your time, knowledge, council, and “Fine” jewelry!

Jane McWane

I cannot thank you enough for making such an unbelievable ring for Nina and I. It was beyond anything I could have ever hoped for and was lucky to use it for such an important moment in my life. Nina and I are thrilled for what the future holds. Nina and I cannot stop staring at how beautiful the ring is!!


How can I ever thank you enough?
this breathtaking memento of your long, and so appreciated friendship with my family will rest on my left hand for the rest of my life. it is without question, the most beautiful thing I have ever seen, and my most treasured possession.
It could not mean more to me that my fiancé went to you for this precious thing, or that you made it so unimaginably lovely. I will love it, and protect it, and remember you all the days of my life.

Alicia Carey

"Dear Nazir, I wanted to say a very warm 'Thank you' to you and your associate who did such a beautiful job restoring my Rolex. The watch was a very special gift on my 21st birthday from very special people in my life. It was damaged while I was serving in the US Army and I only now, some 40 years later, have managed to make it right- with your friends able assistance! It has been beautifully restored and brings back many fond memories of the people who gave it to me."

- Michael (08/10/2013)

"Dear Nazir & Tricia- Hi! I will stop in when I am in the area. How blessed we are to have met you in our lives."

-Lynda Allen (06/25/2013)

"My wife and I have visited Nazir's numerous times over the years. We were first time buyers in 2007, when I purchased an engagement ring for Samantha. Nazir went out of his way to meet our needs and the result exceeded our expectations. We also had wedding bands designed and received indisputable service. The small nature of the business and the store allow for a personal experience that will keep us coming back for many years to come. We want to thank Nazir and his family for all that they have done."

-Sincerely, Rob and Samantha Livingstone (former female swimmer US Gold Medalist, 2000 Summer Olympics)

"My fiance surprised me with the most beautiful engagement ring from Nazir's, so of course I wanted to get our wedding rings from there as well! Emily and Nazir went above and beyond in helping me find the perfect ring. They showed me many different styles, explained all the nuances between diamonds, metals, etc., and once we figured out exactly what I was looking for, they searched and found the exact ring I wanted. I am so happy with my rings from their shop, and my husband is as well. I can't say enough how helpful and knowledgeable Nazir's was and how easy and exciting it was to find my ring!"

- Elizabeth Pratt (10/01/2013)